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P2P | 24 August 2019 | REX: 25.74 GB | RMX: 34.86 GB

VSTBuzz已收购Ultimate REX&RMX 30,000; 包含28个循环库的集合,涵盖流行,硬摇滚,电影,电子,世界,重金属,放克,灵魂和布鲁斯音乐。

Ultimate REX&RMX 30,000具有30,000个循环,价值将近2400美元,结合了屡获殊荣的库,其价格在业界尚属闻所未闻。

– 共28个图书馆(另外还有3个额外奖励产品 – Action Toms Vol 1,Vol 2 + Pop Guitar Rhythms)– 超过30,000个循环,听起来很完美,或者很容易将它们组合在一起制作完整的歌曲
– 多个屡获殊荣的图书馆,非常适合下划线,流行,摇滚,金属,电影,电子,世界,蓝调,放克,灵魂和这么多!
– 所有环路和样品均以令人惊叹的高质量44.1kHz / 24bit分辨率记录

VSTBuzz has acquired the Ultimate REX & RMX 30,000; a collection of 28 loop libraries covering pop, hard rock, cinematic, electronic, world, heavy metal, funk, soul and blues music.

With over 30,000 loops at a value of nearly $2400, The Ultimate REX & RMX 30,000 combines award-winning libraries with a price that is unheard of in the industry.

The following products are included in the Ultimate RMX 30K Bundle:
– Melodic REX: Electronic Edition
– Shimmer & Shake
– Organ Explosion
– Pop Rock Guitars
– Textured Guitars
– Action Drums
– Action Drums: Cinematic Edition
– Action Drums: Taiko Edition
– Funky Rex Guitars
– Metal Guitar
– The Beat Aesthetic
– The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition
– Textural REX: Electronic Edition
– Beat Bandit: Hans Scheffler Edition
– Big Bad Guitars
– Big Bad Bass Guitar
– Big Bad Guitars & Bass Guitars Vol 2
– Stylin Basslines
– Action Drums One Hundred
– Chroma Rex: Textured Guitars
– Chroma Rex: Electronic Edition
– Electronic Guitars

PLUS 3 Additional BONUS Loop Libraries
These products have never before been included in the bundle, but are now available as an exclusive additional bonus to the Ultimate RMX 30k Bundle on VSTBuzz:
– Action Toms Vol 1
– Action Toms Vol 2
– Pop Guitar Rhythms


Available in 2 Flexible Formats: REX & RMX
REX2 (a.k.a. REX or .rx2) is one of the most popular and widely supported loop formats for sequencers and software samplers.
Latest versions of these programs support the format: Reason, Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Studio One, Sonar, Reaper, Renoise, FL Studio, MachFive, HALion, Beatstation, Tranfuser, Geist, Muto BPM, DrumCore, Maschine and Kontakt, among others.

Stylus RMX is a groove-based virtual software instrument with a focus on real-time groove creation and performance. It is recognized for its flexible, creative and musical playback of REX2 loops.
Loops in this format are specifically organized for quick and easy use. No conversion process is needed to use this format (i.e. no need to use RMX’s SAGE Converter).

– 28 libraries in total (plus 3 additional bonus products – Action Toms Vol 1, Vol 2 + Pop Guitar Rhythms)
– Over 30,000 loops that sound perfect on their own, or combine them together easily to make entire songs
– Multiple award-winning libraries that are perfect for underscore, pop, rock, metal, cinematic, electronic, world, blues, funk, soul and so much more!
– All loops and samples recorded in stunning high quality 44.1kHz/24bit resolution

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Ultimate RMX 30K Bundle

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