[ProducerTech大师课]Producertech Building Custom Mastering Weapons in Live(595Mb)

这些课程教你如何建立自定义掌握武器机架,包括阿菲克斯风格的兴奋器,低音最大化和各种立体声增强工具。本课程由专业掌握工程师和时代精神掌握的所有者尼克·德奥姆布兰(Nick D’Ombrain)带给你。

除了流式课程,课程上创建的所有 8 个机架预设都是可下载的包,可以在 Live 中打开,以释放这个毁灭性的掌握武器库的力量!

这些教程是完整的课程的一部分 – 掌握在盒子里与 Ableton Live。

第 1 单元:构建自定义掌握武器 Pt. 1(Aphex 样式激励器)
是时候扩大 Live 的效果范围,考虑自定义设计一些特定的掌握武器机架了。著名的阿菲克斯听觉兴奋的声音可以相当密切地模拟在 Live, 只是一点点的努力.在这一章中,我们将把它放在一起,解释思维过程和沿途的每一步。

模块 2: 构建自定义掌握武器 Pt. 2 (低音最大化器)
与上一课类似,本单元我们将考虑如何实现一点额外的低音,尤其是在掌握小型系统或扬声器上良好的翻译时。在互联网时代,确保低音或轨道的低端可以在各种尺寸的系统上听到,包括小 PC 扬声器或垃圾 MP3 耳机,这种情况并不少见。我们在这里构建的插件将完全做到这一点,可以与 Waves MaxxBas 示例进行比较。

第 3 单元:构建自定义掌握武器 Pt. 3(立体声增强器)
立体声增强是一个非常抢手 – 必要的工具, 在任何掌握武器库。由于我们在标准插件范围内没有任何掌握质量的指尖,我们将研究如何最好地组装既灵活又具有音乐性增强剂。你会想知道没有它你是如何生活的!到 Pt. 3 结束时,您将对 Ableton Live 中的宏、控制映射、音频效果机架和信号链充满信心。

模块 4: 奖金模块 – 构建和应用 3 波段激励器 + 中端压缩机
本课,我们将构建 2 个非常有用的掌握工具。中端压缩机可以真正达到标准压缩机无法达到的结果,因为我们在掌握一个完整的轨道章节时。3-Band Exciter是简单的设计,但也非常有效 – 一个插件所需的味道,但尽管如此,一个伟大的替代方式,添加低音冲击的触摸,中间的存在或温暖,甚至一些高闷热的主人!

Producertech Building Custom Mastering Weapons in Live TUTORiAL | 595 MB

These lessons teach you how to build custom mastering weapons racks, including an Aphex-style Exciter, a Bass Maximiser and various Stereo Enhancement tools. The Course is brought to you by professional mastering engineer and owner of Zeitgeist Mastering, Nick D’Ombrain.

In addition to the streamed lessons, all 8 rack presets created on the course come as a downloadable pack, which can be opened up in Live to unleash the power of this devastating mastering arsenal!

These tutorials are part of the complete course – Mastering in the Box with Ableton Live.

Module 1: Building Custom Mastering Weapons Pt. 1 (Aphex Style Exciter)
It’s time to expand Live’s effects range and think about custom designing a few specific mastering weapons racks. The famous Aphex Aural Exciter sound can be fairly closely simulated in Live, with just a bit of effort. In this chapter we’ll put it together, explaining the thought process and every step along the way.

Module 2: Building Custom Mastering Weapons Pt. 2 (Bass Maximiser)
Similarly to the previous lesson, in this module we’ll consider how we can achieve a little extra bass, especially when mastering for good translation on small systems or speakers. It’s not uncommon in the age of the Internet to make sure that the bass or the low end of a track can be heard on systems of all sizes, including tinny PC speakers or trashy mp3 headphones. The plugin we build here will do exactly that and can be compared to the likes of the Waves MaxxBass example.

Module 3: Building Custom Mastering Weapons Pt. 3 (Stereo Enhancer)
Stereo Enhancement is a very sought after & necessary tool in any mastering arsenal. Since we do not have anything of mastering quality at our fingertips in the standard range of plugins, we’ll look at how we can best assemble an enhancer that is both flexible and musical. You’ll wonder how you lived without it! By the end of Pt. 3, you’ll be confident with macros, control mapping, audio effects racks and signal chains within Ableton Live.

Module 4: BONUS MODULE – Building and Applying a 3-Band Exciter & Mid Side Compressor
In this lesson, we’ll build 2 more extremely useful mastering tools. The Mid Side Compressor can really achieve results that a standard compressor cannot as we experienced in the mastering of a full track chapter. The 3-Band Exciter is simple in design but also very effective – a plug-in of desired taste but nonetheless a great alternative way to add a touch of bass impact, mid presence or warmth, or even some high sizzle to a master!

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