[DJ音频神器]Serato Sample v1.3.0 CE [WiN](11.5Mb)

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Sample是供生产者使用的功能强大且直观的Sampler插件,可让您快速查找,砍切,按键移位和时间拉伸样本。Sample内置了举世闻名的Pitch’n Time算法,可为您提供市场上最佳的时间拉伸质量。由Pitch’n Time提供支持的无与伦比的时间拉伸的

主要功能使用Serato Pitch’n Time的能力将时间拉伸样品达到极值。将样本同步到您的项目也很容易。完美的按键检测和按键移动找到按键,然后利用Pitch’n Time的功能进行按键移动。找到最佳样本。单击一下我们的算法,即可找到16种最佳样本。改变样本以至于无法识别



声道播放通过单音播放(如Serato DJ)触发提示点。或者,您可以使用复音播放来弹奏和弦和鼓声。

使用Serato DJ受欢迎的提示点工作流程可快速设置和触发打击垫。



The fastest way to Sample. A powerful and intuitive new sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples.

The power of Pitch ‘n Time
It has the world-famous Pitch ‘n Time algorithm built-in, giving you the best time-stretching quality on the market.

Works in leading production software
Sample will work in most DAWs that support AU/VST* plugins including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro and Maschine.

Formats: Win32/64; VSTi

What’s New:

New Features
Beatgrid support – Adjust beatgrids so they are perfectly in time
Glide – Glide between notes while in Keyboard Mode
Serato DJ Cue Points – Use “Serato DJ” from the Autoset menu to load any cue points you may have added using Serato DJ
More parameters are now exposed to the host for automation

Other Changes
Added keyboard shortcuts on the pads when used in Serato Studio
Vouchers are now entered through Serato.com
Fixed an issue with cues stacking incorrectly
Fixed an issue where pressing ‘Enter’ performing an action in Logic transport
Fixed an issue where waveform and overview cues are highlighting incorrectly with multiple cues selected
Fixed a crash loading a track 192kHz or above
Fixed a crash loading an extremely short track
Fixed an issue where changing source song leaves Key/Detune in incorrect state
Fixed an issue attempting to log in to Sample with an incorrect password
Fixed an issue returning inconsistent Key for different sample rates
Fixed an issue where Keyboard focus was lost from text boxes (Ableton, AU only)
Fixed an activation error remaining on screen after logging out
Fixed an issue with modifier keys not releasing when shifting focus back to host
Fixed an issue where pressing Enter to confirm text entry would trigger system alert sound in Maschine
Fixed an issue where Key Pad Mode could be selected and used through host automation where it should be disabled
Fixed an issue where a long click on a dropdown menu does not change selection
Fixed an issue using keyboard shortcuts to interact with text if selected with triple-click in text field
Fixed an issue where activation and missing file messages overlap after license activationHomepagehttps://serato.com/sample




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