[罗兰RS202模拟弦乐合成器]Rhythmic Robot Audio Strings 202 [KONTAKT](850Mb)

24.12.2018 | KONTAKT | 850 MB


超过一千个Disco热门的弦! •罗兰(Roland)的经典合奏/合唱效果首次亮相•温暖而坚韧的类比音调–与更礼貌的弦乐合成器形成鲜明对比


但是,RS202并没有成为一个巨大的合成器的雄心。这是一台简单而简单的弦乐器,尽管在两个弦乐素材的旁边有一个有用的黄铜部分。它还具有音调控制和美妙的Ensemble的两种风味,可以使事情变得生动起来:位置II具有丰富的合唱效果,而位置I则添加了一些生动的调制方式,以创造出吸引一代人想象力的声音。 RS202整齐地进入了Disco场景,几乎定义了“迪斯科弦”的声音-它的特征是甜美,在高八度音阶中so扬,但有趣的是中音粗糙而原始。 (从这种意义上来说,这与洛根和戈德温形成了鲜明的对比:在达到高音之前,边缘音调要粗糙得多。)


我们的版本在功能上与原始版本非常接近,从而使Roland的设计简洁性大放异彩。我们增加了立体声效果的Width控件,完整的ADSR包络以及背面的一些有用效果-覆盖了现代合唱,以补充老式的Ensemble / Chorus效果,移相器,Echo,旋转扬声器和一个建模的Amp Cab选择。 (Amp Cab模拟器确实会改变声音的音调,非常适合获得更加压缩,频率受限的声音。)


Roland’s RS202 disco-era analogue string synth reborn

The strings that soared above a thousand Disco hits! • Roland’s classic Ensemble / Chorus effect gets its first outing • Warm yet gritty analogue tonality – a great contrast to more polite string synths

Roland’s RS202 hales from 1976, and was something of a landmark product for Roland. It featured the first outing of the classic Ensemble / Chorus effect that would later grace the Juno and Jupiter lines, and which contributed in large part to the warmth and movement of Roland’s big analogue machines. You saw it here first, folks ????

The RS202 had no ambition to be a huge polysynth, though. It was a string machine, plain and simple, albeit with a useful Brass section incorporated alongside the two String footages. It also had tone controls and two flavours of the wonderful Ensemble to liven things up – position II gives a lush chorus, while position I adds some lively modulation to create the sound that captured the imagination of a generation. Stepping neatly into the Disco scene, the RS202 pretty much defined the sound of ‘disco strings’ – its character being sweet and soaring in the top octaves, but interestingly gritty and raw in the midrange. (It’s quite a contrast to Logan and Godwin in this sense: a much more rough-round-the-edges tonality until you get to the high notes.)

The Vibrato control has a pre-delay allowing more natural-sounding swells of vibrato, and simple envelope sculpting came courtesy of an Attack Slow / Fast switch and a continuously-variable Release control. Rather nicely, the two Strings patches aren’t just octave clones of each other: the upper violin/viola patch is noticeably thinner, while the lower cello/bass patch is thicker and fuzzier, so mixing them yields a useful spread of sounds. All in all, the RS202 packed quite a punch, and Disco enthusiasts in particular took to it in droves.

Our version sticks pretty close to the original in features, letting the simplicity of Roland’s design shine through. We’ve added a stereo-ising Width control, a full ADSR envelope, and a block of useful effects around the back – covering a modern Chorus to complement the vintage Ensemble/Chorus effect, a Phaser, an Echo, a Rotary speaker and a modelled Amp Cab selection. (The Amp Cab simulator really changes the tone of the sound, and is great for getting a more squashed, frequency-limited version of the sound.)

Strings 202 of course sounds absolutely fantastic in its natural setting – soaring above Disco beats and stabbing out funky riffs with its flared jeans on – but it’s also great for bedding down any track that needs a string pad that tends towards ‘gritty and textured’ rather than ‘sweet and smooth’. There’s a bit of a prog-rock-y tone to it too, like it wouldn’t be out of place in Watcher of the Skies. We really like it ????

home page:https://www.rhythmicrobot.com/product/strings-202




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