[Diva预置电子乐]Luftrum Luftkraft for u-he Diva(3Mb)

Luftkraft是一套声音组合,其中包含82张Kraftwerk启发的U-He Diva合成器音色,所有音色均由Luftrum手工制作。


Luftkraft完全与NKS兼容,与Native Instruments的Komplete Kontrol硬件用户有关。它包括带标签的NKS预设,NKS音频预览,并在Luftkraft子库中排序,将它们与其他Diva预设分开。所有补丁都留有几dB的余量,其中包含PDF指南,描述了如何安装该套件以及将NKS预设放置在何处。声音集不包含任何MIDI文件。



Luftkraft is a soundset containing 82 Kraftwerk inspired synth patches for U-He Diva, all handkrafted by Luftrum.

By analyzing Kraftwerk tracks, Luftrum has decoded and replicated several iconic and notable sounds and made a handful of new ones which Kraftwerk never knew existed! The result is a carefully created selection of patches, ranging from famed synth leads to resonant zap drums, classic basses and sound effects to pads and electronic transients, as heard on Kraftwerk albums throughout the years.

The soundset also contains fresh and non-emulated new material. Patches that are not reverse engineered or accurate replications but designed out from a Kraftwerk style technique, by combining typical Kraftwerk synth settings to create new fusions and breeds based on the characteristics and signature of existing sounds.

Luftkraft is fully NKS compatible, relevant for users of Komplete Kontrol hardware by Native Instruments. It includes tagged NKS presets, NKS audio previews and comes sorted in a Luftkraft subbank, separating them from other Diva presets. All patches leave a few dB headroom and there’s a PDF guide included, describing how to install the set and where to place the NKS presets. The soundset does not include any MIDI files.

While being replicated as accurately as possible, these are freely inspired synth emulations, recreated by ear. The patches may not at all have the same synth settings as their original counterpart.
All the sounds you hear in the main demo below are 100% Diva including all the drums and no external samples or effects of any kind are used. Just several instances of Diva straight to the master output with a limiter on top.

Disclaimer: This is a soundset inspired by Kraftwerk. It is not created nor endorsed by Kraftwerk, it is not an official Kraftwerk product and Kraftwerk has not been involved in the creation of Luftkraft.




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