[Max for Live]Soundmanufacture Scale-O-Mat v4.1.0(282Kb)

Scale-O-Mat 4非常适合作曲和现场演奏,实时改变音阶和根音并始终保持不变。无论您演奏的是哪种风格,从音轨,管弦乐作品,EDM,鼓与贝斯或摇滚音乐到Scale-O-Mat都是演奏正确音符的好帮手。

Scale-O-Mat 4是初学者和专业音乐家的理想伴侣。如果您想尝试音乐音阶,甚至要控制整个Liveset的音阶。最多创建四个独立的音阶或和弦组,甚至音符,以操纵随机序列并将其带入新的音乐和声中。

使用Instant Scale Device,您可以替换abletons本机缩放设备,并在ableton live项目中同步所有Midi音轨的缩放设置。Scale-o-Mat 4的


•Scale-O-Mat 4随附2台设备-Scale-O-Mat设备本身和InstaScale设备
•所有秤来自Push 1 +2。
•来自Tobi Hunke的秤集合。


-与Ableton Live 11的兼容性
-Instant Scale设备已更新

Scale-O-Mat 4 is great for composing music and for playing live, to change the scale and the rootnote on the fly and always stay in the same scale. No matter what style you’re playing, from soundtracks, orchestral works, EDM, drum & bass or rock music – Scale-O-Mat is a great helper to play always the right notes.

Scale-O-Mat 4 is the perfect companion for beginners and also for professional musicians. If you want to experiment with musical scales or even to keep the Scales of your whole Liveset under control. Create up to four independent Groups of Scales or Chords or even Notes to manipulate random sequences and bring them to new musical harmonies.

With the Instant Scale Device you can replace abletons native scale device and synchronise the scale settings for all your midi tracks in your ableton live project.

features of scale-o-mat 4

• Scale-O-Mat 4 comes with 2 Devices – the Scale-O-Mat Device itself and the InstaScale Device
• Assign up to 4 different Groups with various Scales
• More than 40 Scales
• All Scales from Push 1 + 2.
• Scale Collection from Tobi Hunke.
• Filter or Pitch the Notes that are not fitting into the Scale
• Transpose
• Presets & Preset Management

changes in Version 4.1

– compatibility with Ableton Live 11
– optimized window zoom handling
– the notes can now be pitched before and after the scale correction
– some minor bugfixes
– Scale-o-mat will inform you about updates within the Device
– links to youtube resources, manuals, support directly inside the Device
– the Instant Scale Device is updated




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